Monday, January 17, 2005

It's strange 

It's strange, how warm it is outside tonight. Strange, to live in a place where the air has more to do with the temperature than the sun. A warm front is moving in, and it's predicted to be in the 60s by tomorrow, or possibly Wednesday. Despite the fact that we couldn't leave the house this weekend because of the ice on the roads and the driveway, and the decree came down that anyone caught driving without chains or snow tires would be ticketed.

25 degrees on Saturday. 60 on Tuesday. Strange.

I grew up in the tropics. The absolute coldest winter of my life (before I grew up and went off to school in Canada, before I moved back to the Northwest) it dropped down to 50 degrees. It was a record low. I think I was two, maybe a bit older but I don't remember my brother being around, so two sounds about right. My parents and I huddled under an afghan on the couch, and even the cat, who was a Persian with incredibly long, thick fur, crawled under the blankets for warmth.

Now it's 52 degrees outside, and I can go out for a cigarette, and say It's strange, how warm it is outside tonight.

I guess I've acclimated. How...strange.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Blogonia Uber Alles. 

DECREE THE FIRST! All news is now NET-news! All reporting is now E-reporting! The New York Times will spend 90% of its content bickering with the Washington Post in an increasingly abstract yet personal argument regarding the feasibility of anarcho-capitalism in the works of A. A. Milne! The CBS Evening News will be replaced by one man persistently correcting the Washington Post's spelling and grammar for thirty minutes! The Wall Street Journal will consist entirely of excerpts of the New York Times and the Washington Post followed by a single "Indeed"!


Then, dear readers, he tried to put it in his mouth. 

I *heart* finslippy

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